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  • About Us

    In order to promote Persian culture, history & language, Payam Javan was established in 2009. Payam Javan introduced the first full color life style Farsi magazine in Northern California on October 2009 with articles of science, health, technology, history, Persian folklore stories like Shahname, illustrative stories for children, history of Iranian Cities, self-improving, wedding, cooking, poetry, space and local Persian events.

    Payam Javan currently offers variety of products such as full color magazine, 24hrs internet TV, Online Yellow Pages, design, print services, short Movie productions and soon Movies. Payam Javan is also involved in planning of events such as Sizdeh Bedar & Mehregan Festival.

    You can reach every Iranian household in Northern California through Payam Javan Magazine, and considering our extremely competitive rates and large number of benefits, we know you will invest in your business and join our family of success. For more information please contact us @ PAYAM JAVAN MAGAZINE Tel: (408) 583-0483
    PAYAM JAVAN TV Tel: (408) 370-7774