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    Our media outlet covers all the topics ranging from business news to social issues, human interest to politics, culture and sports making it quite an important source of information that covers a vast area representing many business opportunities for our advertising partners.


    At Payam Javan, we offer several tailored advertising plans to provide businesses with maximum visibility to make meaningful and lasting impressions in quite a rich environment discovered by a high-quality audience. We support various interactive ad formats to maximize the impact of your advertisement. Book & pay for your ad for the whole year and Get a discount! Contact us today for discount!

    Rates for Banner ads, Full and Half ads are given below.


    Type of Ad


    Ad Size

    Banner Ad (520px X 80px)

    $75 per month

    Full Ad (338px X 321px)

    $75 per month

    Half Ad(169px X 161px)

    $35 per month