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    TEXT.. Do you know what this is? Believe it or not this is a charcoal heater used to warm a room. There was no central heating in the past.   While this would be considered too dangerous nowadays, people used such heaters in the past. Greece was not the only country which used charcoal powered heaters. People in Japan used a heater under the table, which was charcoal heated. It was called a kotatsu. Iran had something similar to the Japanese kotatsu. If I remember correctly many Japanese now use an electric infrared bulb powered kotatsu instead of a charcoal heated kotatsu.

    Picture 1 Inside a replica of O’Brien’s cafe. The first store, West of the Mississippi, to sell ice cream and soda, in 1878.

    Picture 2. No. this was not a church. This building was originally a fire station.

    Pictures 3 and 4. These are picture of a reconstructed Chinese temple. This was a temple to five gods. The temple was a Taoist temple mixed in with local folk religions. This building served as a temple, a school, a hostel and a meeting hall. Since the early immigrants came from Southern China, the spoken language taught at the school was Cantonese. The original temple was built in 1887. It was torn down in 1949, after being deemed a fire hazard. This building was reconstructed on the basis of the original floor plans. This building is now the Chinese museum. The first floor has artifacts and a timeline of Chinese history. The second floor is a reconstruction of the place of worship. Some of the original furnishings are on the second floor. Three of the five statues of the gods are original. The other two are reconstructions and even the names of these other two are not really known. Push a button and you will get a recorded presentation about the temple. A light will shine on the part of the temple being discussed.

    Picture 5. This is a reconstruction of the Parthenon. This model can be found in the Greek museum.

    Picture 1  Entrance to a replica of the Pacific Hotel (circa 1880’s) On the left side is a replica of O’Brien’s Candy store. This place sells candy, sodas and ice cream during certain hours. O’Brien’s was the first store , West of the Mississippi, to sell ice cream and soda, in 1878.


    Pic 2  Replica of the original Gutenberg Press, In the Printers shop building.


    Pictures 3 and 4.  A model of a Portuguese windmill, which can operate no matter which way the wind is blowing. How can that be done? Note the red top with windmill blades. That part rotates. While the white bottom part is stationary. There is a “handle” or ladder connected to the dome, which helps to rotate the dome. This structure is a tribute to human creativity and ingenuity.

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